Somatic Movement
With Jeni

Jeni is a Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna Somatics©. She specializes in Yoga Therapeutics, helping you discover how you are using your body in ways that may be causing discomfort. Jeni can help you release Chronically Contracted Muscles, Relieve Pain, Re-Educate & Eliminate Poor Movement Habits. She works with your problem areas, Soothing Tight Shoulders, Low Backs, Knees and Hips. Jeni addresses Injury Recovery, Post Surgery, and coping with longer term limitations like M.S, Parkinson's, Stroke and Post Polio Syndrome. You don't need to be in pain to work in a private session. Come in and tune up your body, so you can do what you love even better with more efficient movement. Great for athletic training, running, swimming and competitive sports.

Evening & Day appointments are available at 4449 Cochran St. Simi Valley CA 93063


1st Session - $89
(includes assessment allow at least 75 mins)

1 Session - $69
(50 min)

4 Session Package - $260
(50 min each - $65 per session)

Call Jeni Direct: 805 390 8175
Email Jeni Direct: